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Glory's litter has arrived!!!

This is our first dual-sired litter. The two sires are Emmett and Blaze. We may have pups from one or both sires.

Sizes expected are small mediums to small standards.

There are five girls and two boys in shades of apricot, some with with markings. 

    Great Rock's Glory

    Great Rock's "Emmett"



Great Rock's "Blaze"

These two pups have become available.

They are 11 weeks old and are waiting for the perfect home.

Red collar boy is very sweet. He is energetic but also likes to cuddle. He has a curly coat that will shed slightly and will be about 30+ lbs at maturity
Pink collar girl is spunky and interested in everything. She will do well in an active family setting. She has a hair  coat that will shed slightly and will be about 25+ lbs at maturity
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