We choose the best of the best for the future of this wonderful breed.

Great Rock's Winter's Bloom "Poppy"


Daughter of our wonderful "Winter", now retired. 

She lives with her Mom in a wonderful guardian home getting showered with love and attention by her three human "brothers" 

She has a lovely, dark apricot, non-shedding, fleece coat and a super sweet personality. We are hoping for some beautiful pups from her late in 2020.

Great Rock's Iced Coffee "Java""


This super sweet and gentle girl is a credit to her Mom, Great Rocks "Flurry"

and her Dad "Beaureguard" of Blueberry Cottage Labradoodles. 

She lives with us here at Great Rock and is currently in our testing process. Keeping our fingers crossed for some great test scores as she will be

a valuable asset to our program. 

While she was born chocolate she quickly began to tun into a lovely, unique shade called "lavender". Her non-shedding, wavy fleece coat is easily cared for. 

IMG_1060 (3).JPG