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About Guardianship

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I'm Lynn Campbell, owner of Great Rock Labradoodles.

Guardianship is an important element of my breeding program and I invite you to learn what it entails. 



What is a Guardian Home?


A guardian home is one in which Great Rock Labradoodles provides a qualified person or family with a breeding prospect Labradoodle puppy or young adult to be cared for and raised in a “forever home” and to be part of our breeding program for a specified length of time. It is not a foster situation but a permanent home for the dog.


At Great Rock Labradoodles all of our dogs live in our home as beloved family members. Since we can only comfortably have so many dogs, guardian homes enable us to continue to diversify our program without resorting to a kennel situation. It is our belief that all dogs need the love and stability that comes from having a permanent home.


Some of the requirements of a guardian are:

  • There is a fee (security deposit) required in order to place a valuable breeding dog or breeding dog prospect in a guardian home, which will be refunded to the guardian per the terms of the guardianship agreement.

  • All routine health care, feeding, grooming and training of the dog are the responsibility of the guardian (with guidance from the breeder).

  • Able to provide a secure, fenced area for the dog when it is outside.

  • A flexible schedule is necessary so working part time or retired is preferred.

      Preference will be given to previous Great Rock families if they meet the


  • Must live within an hour’s drive of the breeder and be willing and able to bring the dog to the breeder as necessary for testing and breeding.

  • Females will return to the breeder to have her pups and remain until they are weaned (7-8 weeks in total)

  • Males only return to the breeder as needed for breeding, generally not longer than 3 days at a time or less.

  • Most important of all, provide the dog love and affection in abundance.


The breeder is responsible for all costs relating to the health testing and medical care relative to breeding and/or whelping and, of course, be available for guardians’ questions or concerns. At the termination of the guardianship contract the breeder signs over ownership of the dog to the guardian and has the dog spayed or neutered at the breeder’s expense.


Being a guardian is not for everyone but it you will have the opportunity for a pick of the litter puppy and the satisfaction of helping to further the development

of this wonderful breed.

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