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Pet food recalls have increased dramatically in the last year and have included many of the so-called "premium" brands.

I no longer have confidence in mass produced food for my dogs or puppies.

I have been horrified with reports of how ingredients are sourced,what they are contaminated with and that those facts were hidden from consumers.  

  Life's Abundance came highly recommended to me by several quality  breeders in the Labradoodle community and, after researching the company, I decided to try it to see if my precious "Doodle Family" would like it. 

The transition to this food has been remarkable in that every one of my "crew" love it.

The fact that it is produced in small batches for optimum freshness sets it apart from other food manufacturers, where it sits for months on end in warehouses. That fact, along with nutrient rich, wholesome ingredients, make it the one food I have confidence in for my breeding program and to recommend to my puppy families. 

Life's Abundance has been in business for 20 years and has NEVER had a recall. 

"Because I believe in the integrity of this food I have agreed to become

a Life's Abundance Independent Field Representative."

"Recommended Food & Treats and Care Products

for your Dog or Puppy"

Click on a picture to learn more and place an order.

A portion of all purchases goes to support

worthy animal rescue groups

via Life's Abundance non-profit arm. 

"Another reason I am proud to represent this company"

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