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           GREAT ROCK      


We are a home-based breeder of quality American and Australian Labradoodles located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and serving all of New England.

Our parent dogs were carefully selected from quality, tested breeding stock from reputable breeders in the U.S and Canada. They have been further cleared of inherited diseases via, DNA, CERF, OFA. and PENN HIP, testing along with blood profiles.


Our breeding dogs are part of our family and have the run of our home most of the time. Those that don't live with us live in hand-picked "guardian homes" where they are cherished family members. The care and attention they receive (and deserve) reflect in the puppies they produce. 

All the puppies are born in our home, into a safe, clean, healthy and loving environment, which clearly helps define their  temperaments and personalities.


Pine Cone 5
Pine Cone 5
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